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Thread: Fade in & out sound

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    Question: I have a music player in my movie, with 4 songs and wanted to know how to fade in the songs and have them fade out when changed. I haven't worked with sound much and Im not to experienced with it. Easy?

    Tried posting in the sound forum but no luck.

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    If you're using attached sounds, then it's not so hard to fade the volume. If the sounds are in a timeline, then I think it's not even possible to do a fade. So let's say you've attached a sound to an object called objBeep. You can set its volume to anything from 0 to 100 with setVolume like this<pre>objBeep.setVolume(50);</pre>That'll set the volume to 50%. So all you gotta do to make a fade is to make an enterFrame event like this (for a fade out)<pre>onClipEvent(enterFrame) {
    if (objBeep.getVolume() > 0) {
    } else {
    //Fade is done

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