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Thread: Importing Quicktime Into Flash MX with Audio attached

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    Importing Quicktime Movie into Flash MX

    I have a Quicktime movie that I brought into my Flash MX page. I can view it by expanding the key frame. Though two problems that I'm having is; it doesn't appear at all when I test the movie. And second the audio that I had with it is not there.

    1 What do I have to do to view the Quicktime in my Flash page? and
    2 Do I have to bring in the audio seperately? Please help

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    about the video:
    It seems to me that you are trying to use an externally linked quicktime that option can only be used when you plan to export your project back to quicktime. If you plan to use the quicktime in a flash movie you must choose embed when you import it.

    about the sound:
    make sure that the audio isn't compressed with IMA. Flash can't handle the IMA compression. But Qdesign Music 2 seems to work... I don't know about other compressions though...


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    Quicktime import into Flash MX


    I did select embed and couldn't get the movie imported because there wasn't enough memory. I don't know if that meant the flash program because it didn't specify. In any case, I increased the memory in Flash MX program and when I tried importing it again it didn't give me the option to choose embed. Instead it defaulted to the external link option which, again, I don't want. I'll keep trying, and if it sounds like I missed a step(s), please let me know. Much appreciated, marcus

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    You may want to check out our Flash video encoder, Flix.
    It outputs both the new MX/FLV video files as well as the older Flash 3-5 output. And it has many, many other great features.
    There are free demos for both Win and Mac available.

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