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Thread: My Portfolio Site

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    Any feedback (good/bad) within reason is encouraged

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    I like the first screen with the face in the background its a very cool effect, however the mouse effect does get annoying after a while. The site took a very long time to download on my 56K modem (sorry I wish I could afford Broadband). I really liked the intro to the site, very original and creative, however the buttons at the bottom were very hard to read. Also I couldn't find anywhere to turn the sound off and this soon became annoying.

    One more thing, the site is just a too large for 1024 x 768 resolution, it requires the user to scroll just a little bit which is annoying. Other than that very nice looking site.


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    it tends the lagg alot .. it's a very very nice backround use with alpha tweens thou
    i would also suggst removing the finger effect

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    Very cool design idea.
    The problems are that it doesn't fit on the screen in 800x600 resolution, and the hand tends to blend into the background on the first scene. Is something suppose to happen after you hit enter? because it just goes to a blank screen and does nothing for me. Also the text at the bottom is very hard to read because it is too similar a color to the background.

    I'm on windows95 800x600 resolution. IE5

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