I've got a scrollbar that works, but i'm having trouble with altering vertical position of the movie clip so that the scroll content fits on the page. Also, my scroll content is many lines of text that are to be converted to buttons and when the movie is exported to .swf some of the content is cut off.

here is the action script that is applied to the scrollbar

onClipEvent (load) {
// Set the intitial variables that will not change within the Flash Movie dynamically
topLimit = 207;
bottomLimit = 688;
ratio = (_root.scroll_content._height)/bottomLimit;
// Build the functions for scroll up and scroll down
function scrollUp (speed) {
if (scroll>topLimit) {
scroll = scroll-speed;
setProperty ("_root.slider", _y, scroll);
function scrollDown (speed) {
if (scroll<bottomLimit) {
scroll = scroll+speed;
setProperty ("_root.slider", _y, scroll);
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
// Set the variables that will dynamically update within the Flash Movie
scroll = _root.slider._y;
y_offset = scroll*-ratio;
// Set the property of the content in relation to the slider movie clip
setProperty ("_root.scroll_content", _y, y_offset);
// Check to see if the slider is beyond the top or bottom limit
if (scroll<topLimit) {
setProperty (_root.slider, _y, topLimit);
} else if (scroll>bottomLimit) {
setProperty (_root.slider, _y, bottomLimit);

It has been taken from a book and altered to suit my needs.
any ideas? thanks