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Thread: what is an instance

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    in a tutorial it says drag an instance of the load bar onto the main stage and name it bar. ? dont follow this

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    it means...
    in your library u have a symbol named as 'load bar' (it could be a movieclip or graphic that depends)
    so when u simply drag it on the stage...an instance is made out of the original load bar.. i other words..the original sits in the library..and u always use a copy or of the symbols in the library...
    hope its clear now..

    to name the instance....once it is dragged...make sure its selected...then open the insance panel (window>panels>instance)
    and give it a name..in the field...

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    it means u open the library where the symbols are stored and u drag a symbol onto the stage. then the symbol is referred to as an instance of this symbol...

    see in flash help "Symbols, instances, and library assets overview":
    "A symbol is a graphic, button, or movie clip that you create once in Macromedia Flash and can reuse throughout your movie or in other movies...
    ...An instance is a copy of a symbol located on the Stage OR nested inside another symbol"

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