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Thread: going to the next scene

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    OK, I have a button that has the following scripts attached to it.

    on (rollOut) {
    tellTarget ("_root.next arrow") {
    gotoAndPlay (2);
    on (release, keyPress "<Right>") {
    gotoAndStop ("Step 1", 1);

    This is on the second frame of a movie clip containing 2 states of the button. The first state has a script attached to it that says on (rollOver) gotoAndStop (2);.

    When the movie is tested, it works fine untill you click on the button. Upon release, the playhead appears to go back to frame 1 of the movie clip (the state with the rollover script attached to it) and plays from there. It does this despite the script telling it to go the the next scene (step 1).

    Anyone have any idea of why this is happening?

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    i'm not sure i understand what u mean, but try this:

    on (release, keyPress "<Right>") {
    _root.gotoAndStop ("Step 1", 1);
    if this code is inside a movie clip and u don't specify that the movie should go to the next scene in the root level, then it simply goes to frame 1 inside the movie clip, not at root level...

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