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Thread: launching popup windows from flash

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    Smile 2 words: nice!!


    oh my god sitemakerusa.......that is too hilarious!!! yeah that is pretty much what i am trying to accomplish. anyone who needs a nice 'working' example for popup windows should definitely visit this url:

    again, removed

    nice! hahahaha i love it

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    try this...
    i don't know how many buttons u have but lets just say u have 3 buttons that allow u to pop-up 3 different sized windows, button 1 = 200x200, button 2 = 400x400 and button 3 = 600x600.

    for buttom 1 use:

    getURL("JavaScript:window.open('http://www.your_url.com/page1.html','name_your_window','height=200,width=2 00');void(0);");

    button 2:

    getURL("JavaScript:window.open('http://www.your_url.com/page2.html','name_your_window','height=400,width=4 00');void(0);");

    button 3:

    getURL("JavaScript:window.open('http://www.your_url.com/page3.html','name_your_window','height=600,width=6 00');void(0);");

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    Hi all,
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