I'm not very experienced in flash, but have a lot of fun with Flash MX for win XP. I've been making a slide show with a lot of 1024*728 jpegs and some animated text. Everything is pretty basic and just running along the timeline. It seemed to work pretty well, but now that I'm finished, the result is a really large file and my computer tends to hang up (the program that runs the swf is shut down by Windows) in the middle of my presentation. I've been considering trying to divide it into several swfs or something to ease the demands on my computer. A simple slideshow shouldn't be that much of a problem for a 1,5 GHz as I consider it. Why doesn't it work and what should I do?

I would appreciate quick help, as the deadline for my little project is closing in :-)

Kristian Hanstad
Jørpeland, Norway