Heres the problem:

(Windows XP or Windows 2000 Server ONLY)

I create a FLASH Windows Projector file and launch it full screen. When I click on the first link on the FLASH interface (this link launches an HTML document) the document will launch the first time fine.......BUT.....if I
accidently forget to close the browser window and click another HTML link on the FLASH interface ALL consecutive HTML links open BEHIND the FLASH interface, never poping back on top of the interface so in summary, the user views the interface links as DEAD...not knowing they are actually opening behind the interface!!! Same goes for if the user already has ANY browser window open prior to launching the full screen FLASH.exe. ALL LINKS OPEN TO THE BACK OF THE FLASH never coming to the top!!! This makes the HTML links useless untill the user closes the presentation where he can then see all the links he clicked on.

Isn't there some way to Re-Focus the browser links to re-appear ON-TOP of the interface again??? I have tried everything I can think of but no luck (including the GET URL function with "_blank" and naming the window as
well to "win1" or whatever instead of "_blank" and also trying nothing for window).

This only seems to be an issue on machines running Windows XP or Windows 2000 Server (works fine on Pro).

Seing how I also have links to other EXEs in the "fscommand "folder I am in need of launching from the FLASH Windows Projector File and not FLASH imbedded in HTML (which has it own set of problems when launching new HTML docuents in a browser - such as multiple windows appearing each time you click a link even if you NAME the window in the GET URL function and don't use "_blank")....I don;t want to launch the EXEs from a browser window that the FLASH is in becasue it gives you the download prompt (no good - I want the EXEs to automatically launch immediately).

If anyone can help me with this I would be most thankfull. There has to be other devlopers out there that are having this problem especially when making CD interfaces using FLASH and ging them to people with XP machines.

Many thanks in advance!