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Thread: Very Stupid Doubt if can call it like that

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    I have a very little question...
    I have the following things on the project:
    A> 2 Movie Clips (one is a sun that rotates and another goes from one side of the screen till the other)
    B> 4 rectangules that join together in one
    C> I have made some text over the sun that fades in and out every 3 secs or so

    The thing that I want to do is the following:
    I want that when the 4 graphics join together (Done by a Tween Motion), the 2 movie clips keep doing their work instead of stopping. If I put stop to one, then all the movie stops. If I put goToandplay, all the movie starts again and again. This is the thing that I need to know in order to start my master piece.

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    Post the fla

    Can you put the .fla online so we could look at it and try to figure it out.

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    put your individual animations into their own movie clips. If you have a sun moving around, put that animation into a MC called something like sunAnim_mc .. do the same for the other sun animation.

    Once they are in their own movie clips, you can set the last frame of those clips to do gotoAndPlay(1) .. and once put onto the main stage they will continue to run independant of what happens on the main stage.

    remember, each timeline of each MC works independantly. If you put all your animation on a single timeline and then stop that timeline, everything will stop.

    you can control the other MC's by using

    hope that helps.


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    Thank you very much for your help !
    I will try it right now to see if it works. I am sure it will. Well ANything you want in return you can tell it to me, I'll do my best

    Agus -Addicted To God-

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