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Thread: artistic flash skills

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    hello friends,

    I would like the help of those of you with a strong art sence.. (or strong, or formal art training.)

    I am researching the design skills necessary to be a flash DESIGNER...

    for example. (colour theory, form, typography, etc.)...

    I'm wondering if I can get your ideas and feedback on the artistic side of flash.. (weather graphic design, animation, film, audio, etc..)

    I need to compile a comprehensive list of skills needed to be considered a design professional in the flash realm...

    here's what I have so far..

    graphic design:
    strong layout and design skills
    good eye for letter forms/typography
    colour preception, colour theary, & pshycology of colour
    ability to storyboard for conceptual
    relating componets in 2d space
    word/image integration
    understanding of visual hiarchy
    knowledge of graphic design history

    constructing figures/objects from memory
    (form, boundries, exaggeration,action, planes,lighting, perspective, & drapery)
    observational drawing
    cartooning (comics etc..)
    drawing portraits
    drawing abstraction & landscape
    digial airbrush techniques & scene painting
    art history

    film skills:
    creative writing (theatre, film, video, etc.)
    a good storyteller, to be able to improvise on a script to bring an interesting story across in a visual way
    used to thinking in movie terms (log shot, medium shot, closeup, etc.)
    transitions, and timing skills
    able to communicate and produce your vision to
    a large team of people with varying skills and talent to realize the final project
    understand effective use of music/sound
    good grasp of lighting techniques, good sence of shadows & highlights
    psychology of film
    history of film

    if you can add or modify this list in your area of expertice I would much apreciate..

    thanks for your help

    zoubin (http://www.zarinmedia.com)

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    It seems like all of your movies are at a high frame rate, I really have to pay close attention to get the message

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