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Thread: Whats going down with the Helicopter sounds

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    Whats making the Helicopters Crash and so slow ?

    I am still going for it here but this intro seems to be
    crashing computers or not loading right and stuff


    what do you guys see ? Please

    Lots of work to do still but want to solve this problem 1st.
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    loaded fine from here

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    So you got the sounds going.

    Did the preloader work

    Was there images swaping on the Nav Bar.

    Thanks and what hardware you got ?

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    yes images swapped and everything loaded fine can't tell with the preloader though goes by too quick (I have dsl)

    my system specs
    p3 1ghz 128 ram winXP

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    why did you do the nav in HMTL, that java script is terrible, the colors are really bad. Re do that in flash get rid of the cheesy flash and make the nav so that you can read the font nice and easy. YOu should be thinking about what you want there customer to feel. I think it should be percieved as clean and should convey stability and strength you just arnt doing that

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