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Thread: Web Pricing Scales

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    Has anyone come up with a base scale for pricing web sites. For example per page? Or bid by the job?
    I know it's hard to say, but what I'm looking for is
    a starting place?

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    If you had done a search for price related posts you would have seen a) A lot of them b) Most ending in the fact that we can't really discuss rates, let along pay scales.

    In the end you are going to get paid the value you decided to be high enough for you and the client decides to be low enough for them. Well trained professionals in NA usually charge in the area of $50 an hour. If you are self-employed.

    Do a flash search for previous posts.


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    Just wanted to say that
    (It was Tombstone, right?)

    Crunch's right - there's tons of stuff here about pricing. Most of useful, some of it just rants (mostly by me).

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