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Thread: Digital Domicile need FEEDBACK for final page!!

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    Ok i have completed the intro of my second verson of my personal site. I feel that it is ok, but could be better. I was wondering if someone knew how to cut down on the size of the sound, without streaming it. It looses so much quality that way, but did knock off 300k. Well PLEASE check it out, and let me know what you think. Feedback is welcome as usual. My final page will before the end of the week, so check back with me!

    Thanks in advance



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    Hey could you email me the sound clip I'll try to take a crack at lower it. i have a kinds of audio editing goodies. I havn't checked in a while but you can probably still find some of my loops in the loops section of flashkit. dberg@truimage.net

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    na man take the sound loop away , i used it on my first site

    i seen loads of people with it, make the intro faster and loads of stuff goin on! make it exciting, its not bad just not brillaint!

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    Hi, I agree lose the music, or convert it down to 22 kHz or whatever you feel is an equal balance between the sound itself, and the load times you want. Or for the 56 K people you should have a preloaded. You may not want one for various reasons, but a lot of us lose sight from time to time about the people that are <b>actually</b> visiting our sites are not like us. Some people have a hard time even comprehending on how to install the flash plug-in. basicly all Im saying is they may think that is it!

    Also the Doc is untitled, and were you going for a resolution of 1280*1024?

    Look forward to seeing the finished product!

    Jacob J. Hess

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