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Thread: scrollpane comp cannot handle alot of text

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    Hi everyone

    I am using the scrollpane component in Flash MX and it works fine until i put about 4 pages of text in it.

    The text will dissapear half way down the page, and overlap itself at the start of the text....weird stuff.

    I tried to make to text selecteable and that worked fine, but then spaces between paragraphs have dissapeared and there is a massive blank part at the end of the text to scroll through. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

    I would be glad to send u the swf file, just email.


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    Ran into the same problem myself. What I did was break the text box at the last visible line, then put in another text box and put the remaining text into that. A real pain to edit however since in order to get down to the second text box you must manually scroll because Flash says that the number you enter in the y position is out of bounds.

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    text and ScrollPane or PAIN

    I have the same problem !!!!!!!!
    if any one comes up with an idea pls, let me know

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