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Thread: Advertising

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    If you could only pick one method of advertising (it couldn't be word of mouth or yellow pages) for your design services, what would it be?

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    I'd pull a stunt, that always recieves publicity.

    A few years ago, a structuire was built not far from Newcastle in the UK, at 20 metres (65 feet) it is more than the height of four double decker buses. Its wings are 54 metres (175 feet) wide.

    Not long after it was built, in a daring dawn raid, it was given a Newcastle United shirt by a group of fans

    full story can be found here

    I believe 'stunts' like this generate more publicity in the short term than most advertising campaigns!!!

    Look at the artist Damien Hirst, if he hadn't cut a cow in half, I doubt he would even be famous!

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    Because I'm such a good looking young man, I'd like to put that attribute to use in a slick TV ad with a nice jingle.(ar ar ar) Or maybe slap our log and name on the side of a bus.
    Can't remember ever seeing an ad about a design firm on the box, but I only watch about 12 hours a day, so I might've missed it.
    I still think that word of mouth is the most effective (it's probably how the Telegraph got the story about the Newcastle 'Angel' in a Magpie's shirt), but in the long run you need to take control of the message, instead of having the reteller control the spin.
    But why is word of mouth so effective? Trust that the person hearing the message has in the reteller? Maybe? Or is it just a complete lack of knowledge about the web (and horror stories about 'they took the money and ran' which scared the listener into complete inactivity until they saw a safe opportunity to get back into the game.

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