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Thread: Anyone fancy a quickie?? (about copyright)

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    I'm about to launch a new site and was wondering about copyright. At the bottom of the site I have (c) ConnectGames Ltd. mostly as a deterrent. Is there anything to stop me from doing this? Do I need to have registered copyright to put this on there, and also Connect Games Ltd is not a proper registered company. Is this going to cause problems? What would you put as copyright deterrent on your site?

    Thanks in advance

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    I wouldn't use a (c) simply because the content is more or less copyright protected anyway, according to dutch law. Contact a lawyer who's specialized in this.
    Good luck,


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    Well I live in the US and have been doing research on law so I know some things...I am not really sure about Dutch law, but it's probally similar to the US.Anything you create you own and it's copyrighted as soon as you made it. The only way to take something to court is if you register it.In the US, you don't even have to display a (C) or copyright if it is copyrighted. http://www.copyright.gov gives a lot of info about copyrights.

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    One thing I've read (and darned if I can remember where it was right now) is that the (C) notation for copyright is actually not legally recognized, but the "circle-c" symbol and the word "copyright" are. However, you do not legally need to display any copyright notice to have a copyright.

    Displaying a copyright notice probably does give you more legal recourse if someone violates your copyright since it is more obvious that you own the rights to that material. When it comes to US law, you can never be too obvious (just ask every company and person who has been sued for rediculous reasons and lost).


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