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Thread: variables

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    i have three text fields (variables). i need to be able to dynamically be able to set the value of of these fields, but more importantly i need to be able to dynamically select which field to set the value of. in other words i need to store the variable name of the text fields value in a variable and then set the value to the dynamically selected variable. hehe this really is starting to sound more confusing than it should be. anyways the problem is when i try to set the value of a variable from within another it seems to convert everything to strings. any help would be usefull. also been having problems concatenating variables with strings to access other variables and functions. help. thnx.

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    wow, this was confusing! Try storing the variables in an array instead of within other variables....maybe

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    Originally posted by cosmiceye
    wow, this was confusing!
    was confusing? it still is?!?

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