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Thread: Few questions projector questions

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    I'm making a projector file for use on a CD, and have a few questions--

    I'd like to make an exit button that closes the projector-Possible? If so, basic way to do it?

    I'd also like to run a bat file on exit (if the whole exit/close thing is possible that is), and know that the fscommand exec has to be used, but can you have an "do this and then close the projector" sort of command on a button?

    Last thing-Right now it says Flash Projector at the top of the window-Can this be changed with some autoscript, and if so, how?

    I've gone through the tuts (or most of them) and can't find answers to this stuff, so any help would be appreciated--

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    Yes all of these things are possible.

    1) To Exit assign a button action of fscommand ("quit");

    2) Create your bat file and then create the button action like so:
    fscommand (exec, "myfile.bat");
    fscommand ("quit");

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    message got cut

    the projector modification can be done with tools from http://www.***********.com/

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