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Thread: help with links

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    I have the trial vs of flash mx//I have made an intro to my web site all i need to know now is how do i put a text box or button on my intro to link that to my web site??

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    Your asking this in the wrong place, go to the "Newbies" section.

    BTW** RTFM for Christ sake...there are tutorials with FlashMX that tell you more than enough to make a simple damn button. Why don't you look before you ask simple fückin questions.

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    Goto Insert > New Symbol > Enter a name for the symbol and select Button as Behavior. Now create a design for the button (text, graphics, whatever). After that open the library, drag the button onto the stage, right-click on the button, and select Actions. Hit Ctrl+Shift+E and type the follow in the box:

    on(release) {

    Replace whatever.html with the URL of the website. And your done.

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