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Thread: External Images problem

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    What i am trying to do is create a picture scroller with photos loaded externally (ie. photo1.jpg, photo2.jpg, ect.), so they can be easily changed by replacing them with different photos with the same name. I am using the fla. "Horizont-Chris_Un-4396.zip" downloaded from Flashkit. I can get the pictures loaded with the loadMovie but cant seem to get them placed where i need and set in a certain size if possible. I am too tired to figure it out. Any help would be appriceated. The big thing is getting them placed right on the scrollers. If i have to change the size of the pictures externally thats fine. Hope ya know what i mean, i am really tired.



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    Post Are u using generator Objects..?

    why dont you use Generator Object.. "insert .JPG file" keep thease objects in your scroller movieclip.... you can resize them as per your needs... declare thease Objects as veriavles.. and Access the values for thease objects from a txt file... in a txt file you can mention the veriable name and its value as a .JPG file name. Keep all thease things in one folder so there will not be any issue about Path. if you will change the Value of the Variable (that is file name) it will automatically change the image in Scroller

    I have done the same example.. let me check if i can get that.. i will send you the entire folder if i get it with me..!


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    Thank you, I would appriceate any help you can give. Does anyone else have another solution? I can use flash 5, but was using MX. I would like to use the easiest solution possible that has allot of flexability.

    Thanks again,


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    where i'm at
    in the script that loads the images, add this to it
    this.onEnterFrame = function(){
    movieclip_instance._x = number;
    movieclip_instance._y = number;
    movieclip_instance._width = number;
    movieclip_instance._height = number;
    where movieclip_instance is the variable you loaded the images to.
    hope this helps

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