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Thread: Creating a Radio - Playing sound as it loads

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    Hello to you all.
    My friend and I are trying to do something similar to a radio to put in his new website.
    We've put 3 mp3's in separate swf's, but we're having problem with audio streaming.
    We load the swf's one at a time, and play them. This is done by radio.swf with the loadMovie() action.
    The problem is that it preloads all the music (the swf) and then plays it.
    We wanted it to play the music as it loaded, and we know that's possible.

    A keyframe in flash is only played when all the information contained in it is loaded. Our idea was to create a movie clip with the mp3 starting at frame 1 and stoping at frame, say, 30. We thought that would work because the music would be then loaded as it played, but it didn't work!!!!

    If any of you knows the solution or has had experience with flash streaming audio, plz answear me.

    Thanks for the atention and for reading this,

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    If you go onto the frame that has the sound wave on it, then go Window->Panels->Sounds you'll get to the screen that lets you choose whether the clip is streamed or not.

    Choose 'stream' from the Sync dropdown on that panel.

    If this still doesn't work, then it's probably because you are loading the music movies from the main one with LoadMovie(). Mebbe that method just loads the movie and doesn't check if it has streaming audio first..(not sure about that)

    You could put the music .swfs on little Jscript popup html windows and do it that way instead?

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