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    OK, I'm using Flash mx, although I've been outputting my files as flash5. I'd say I'm an OK flash dude, but still learning... At any rate, what I'm wondering, is if there's a way to pull data from, like a text file, or an excel spreadsheet, or something and make it so that FLASH references your text file, and you don't have to update/edit the FLA... Kinda like PHP, Only not...heh
    I'd also be curious if you could make it so that lets say, your swf file can sense NEW text files in the same directory, and update it's database automatically, y'know like if you had an ACCESS database, and you added a new table...

    Anyways, these questions are kind of involved, but hey, even if someone could just point me in the right direction, that would be great. -Thanks in advance!

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    hey guitarius,
    i'm no expert here but i think dadabase stuff is done through the XML and geturl functions. however i do know a way of loading information from a text file;
    the file.txt file contains the values for certain variables and the .fla uses the function loadVariables() to load the contents of the file into the movie. the flash player will map the variable names in the file.txt file to variables names within the movie. the looping code makes sure the entire files is loaded before it is processed.
    hope this helps

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    Thanks! Close to almost exactly what I was looking for!

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