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    Uses some flash on it, some Swift3d, Bits of Swish... and while it's still in it's formative stages, I'd love some feedback! Thanks in advance!


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    Look good, nice clean white layout.

    Maybe use a bit smaller font, only thing i would change.

    (I would like to own that custom truck ;o)

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    on your LSM logo, the outline doesn't seem quite smooth. What program did you use to create this? You may want to consider a different method.

    Also... the colors of the larger LSM and the smaller one in the top left differ in color. Since this is your symbol, you should keep consistency.

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    Good points. I tell ya, That company has a logo they use, only 1)They have no Idea as to the fonts, 2) no real clean files. Heck, The company that designed the logo didn't even save the psd's...

    The Jaggedness? well that was done in swift 3d, I just imported the jpg into flash, outlined it with the pen tool, then saved as an eps, and finally imported into swift 3d.

    The owners of the company, actually liked it, because they cut their letters of their signage out on a plasma cutter, and the lines sort of turned out that way on the 'S' too, so it was kind of a cool coincidence in my favour...

    Yes, The reds ARE different, aren't they? I don think I mind... But I may try some different techs so that I can get a different shade...

    -Thanks for the feedback.
    This site will be undergoing more mods as time goes by...
    I'll keep ya posted, and hopefully it won't bore you to death!

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    Hi there,

    I liked the line of images!
    Perhaps you could make the black lines at the top and bottom of the images EXACTLY the same length as the images.

    on a 56K modem, the splash/enter page took a while to load - Too long for me ... when it did come up, It seemed a little offline - the swish welcome effex looked pretty cool, but the spining enter button was aligned slightly to the left, and threw it all off a little ...
    On the main heading logo, the focus is on the LSM, which again is more to the left - there is a kind of messy diagonal feel going on with the splash page - the bold red lennox bar at the bottom is again a little off putting - perhaps its the use of so many bold reds all over the screen. This is all just opinion!!!
    You've got several various fonts going on, which are all big/bold - because they all stand out, there isnt any continuity to it - it therefore comes accross a little messy- E.G. You have the main font on the letters LSM which is fine, then you have the leaning font on the words 'Lees sheet metal ltd' ... then again the letters LSM, this time a darker red, but with less shadow - THEN the font on the word enter, but bolder/fatter with a different colour to the words 'Lees sheet metal ltd' ... Then the thin font on 'Welcome to etc' THEN a different font on the word LENNOX-as well as being more stretched out ...

    It's all too much from a design point of view

    Sorry for being so critical, but I guess thats what Its all about ... hope some of it helps

    Cheers and good luck

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