I have a flash movie as a banner on a local site. The site also used a DHTML vertical sliding menu (included into each page)

The flash movie (35k) has the effect of slowing down pretty much everything elso on the page.

Obviously this is more noticable on slower machines such as 233Mhz but nevertheless is still a problem on higher spec systems.

For example the sliding menu system becomes very jerky and slow to open when selected. Also on pages where I have form fields (login username/password) the text takes a while to appear. For example you will have completed typing in the username and the text doedn't appear until perhaps 3 - 4 seconds later .

It seems to me that the movie (not created by ourselves) is stealing the processor time.

Are there any looping parameters in flash that may be causing this unacceptable overhead.

Unfortunately this site is running on a local network and therefore I am unable to give you a URL to see for yourselves.

Any observations or advice grately appreciated.