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Thread: My website for those who care

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    hey okes, my website is now mor viewable than ever,
    Not completed yet, but im getting there,
    one thing though, I need you guys to please let me know, if the site is gude enoughfor an expo? I am going to build a dif one for expo, but i will use that idea from my site.
    please tell me.

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    Hey Adrian,

    Just checked out your site. It's looking really sick! (that means good) and I can't wait to see it finished.

    You asked if it's ready for an expo...well bloke, GO FOR IT! it'll really kick from what you've shown so far. Nice Graphics, layout and loading movie too.


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    thanx kusco

    Thanx a major kusco!
    Really appreciate it.
    Now I can fix the rest of the site up, took a long time to figure out the works of the whole thing, i had a lot of troubles withfiguring out how the whole show and hide thing works, but thanx to mister bret, that is now working also.
    That expo is just a school expo, nothing big or anything, btu you are allowed to enter anything there, so i reckon that not a lot of okes in my city will be presenting a Flash website, Our computer teacher does not even know what Flash is. So I figured, my school website could look better, http://www.proarte.co.za , So why not make it in Flash?
    I rate then I could either go to expo, since I reckon you must present something to do with school, or maybs the headmaster like my Flash site and decides to make me in charge of the school website. I know that some oke wants to do it ass well, but he is doing it with html, and thats no match for a nice Flash site.
    Dont u rate?

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