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Thread: trouble with editor AND export now

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    This is supposed to be a combination lock. I want the buttons to come on when touched and stay on until you leave the grid (which resets it, by mouse leave the transparent image- as instructed last week). Later i will hope to make the combination part if you get the right series. right now i just want need them to turn on when pressed and stay on unless you leave the area.

    I asked before about trouble with hotspots for my combination lock, and was given a runaround solution to use a transparent image instead of a hotspot on the entire grid. It worked when there were only the 3 test buttons but once i got to the eighth one it screwed up for no reason. in the editor the four corners started to light up the two large trapezoids, but in export they lit up the right ones but none of the buttons would stay on with other buttons! ARRGG!
    now what?
    the export result, and the movie itself are at:



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    Same Problem?

    Hi solipsism,

    I'm sure I went through this in a previous post and explained what was happening in your movie and why it wasn't working the way you expected it to.

    You're trying to hide all of the highlighted buttons when the mouse leaves the lock right? Well because your buttons are on top of the 'gridhotspot' button, when your mouse moves over one of these it IS leaving the 'gridhotspot' button and onto another button. Therefore the HIDE actions that you have on the Mouse leave tab is performed which means that any button that was highlighted will now be hidden.

    I provided you with an example of how to achieve the effect that you're after. If you need me to go into it in more detail then please ask.

    Yes, the preview is different to the exported movie and I stated that this is a problem and that I have submitted a bug report to Insane support to have this fixed.

    I think it is unfair to say that you were '...given a runaround solution...'


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    Here is something similiar to what you are trying to do:


    To make it reset when the mouse leves a certain area, get the mouse position, and set up some 'if' conditions to check if it is greater than or less than the area you want it to be on, then use the same code that is in the reset button to reset it, using a transparent image might be alot easier if you have another tranparent image following the mouse, and on collision of the 2 images let a certain variable=true, else if, let that variable=false, if false, use the reset code as stated above.

    There are many different ways to accomplish what you want, I wouldn't consider any a run/work-around.......

    Here is the movie file:

    BTW, the combination is 1-3-5.....


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    Re: Same Problem?

    >I provided you with an example of how to achieve the effect >that you're after. If you need me to go into it in more detail >then please ask.

    Did I miss something? My interpretation was you changed the background button from a "hotspot" to a "normal condition (albeit transparent)". This seemed to work in the one you sent.
    the computer considered the "normal" to be different than the "hotspots" on top of it and all was good. This is what I thought i did and yours worked and mine didnt.

    >I think it is unfair to say that you were '...given a runaround solution...'

    Don't misunderstand. I am not a computer purist, I didnt mean to offend you. I "liked" the solution because it took no effort to fix. Anything that avoids huge complex solutions is a good thing in my world. Thanks for the support. I need it.

    kudos to my BF for an even better "runaround" by suggesting
    surrounding the lock with a button and hiding the glow using
    "mouseon". now he tells me....

    HTH. [/B][/QUOTE]

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    Hello solipsism,

    I have an apology to make to you. I misunderstood what was happening in your movie and what you were asking. I had a second look and realised where the problem lay. Please accept my deepest apologies.

    Your BF is quite right. This is the only way that I was able to make the lock work. All I did was to copy the 'gridhotspot' button and rename it to something like 'hotspot mask'. Next I removed the actions of hiding the movies from this button. With the 'gridhotspot' button I enlarged this slightly on all sides and moved the HIDE actions from the mouseleave to the mouseover. Also, the mask button must appear immediately below the gridhotspot button otherwise the effect will still not work correctly.

    Reason for it not working: well it was due to the original problem again where the mouse would leave the gridhotspot button and onto a button that is sitting on top of it. I missed the gaps that have been placed between the buttons. So the mouse would leave one button, move on to the gridhotspot button and then leave that button only to move onto one of the combination buttons again. If you moved the mouse fast enough you could actually highlight a second part of the key.

    Solipsism, I sincerely hope that you continue to be a part of this forum. My response was a little out of line and I learnt a valuable lesson too.

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    ....new challenge. (netscape vs. explorer)


    Here is a new hot spot challenge. I have a simple button paint hotspot
    covering the tree in the pic. On mouseup it opens an url for a closeup of the tree monster(which i am proud of by the way). Both browsers work, explorer does it correctly, but using netscape (6.2) once you pass over the hotspot the cursor turns into a "hand symbol" and won't go back
    to the "arrow" unless you leave the background pic.

    the whole program is just a jpeg element, a button with the paint hotspot,
    and on mouseup "open url" set current frame normal and the address. no other elements or actions.

    Is 3D flash animator optimized for one browser over another?

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