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Thread: PHP Script needed for a mail form

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    Hi, i have just made a email form in MX, however my web host wont allow me to run perl scripts and have been told to use PHP.

    Has anyone out there allready got a suitable script that i could please use. Its just a simple form with name, email, phone, company and message.

    Many thanks

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    < ?php
    $yourEmailVar = "yourEmail@yourSite.com";
    $subjectVar = "Form feedback";
    $mailMessageVar = "
    name: $nameVar
    email: $emailVar
    phone: $phoneVar
    company: $companyVar
    message: $messageVar
    ipAddress: $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']";
    mail($yourEmailVar, $subjectVar, $mailMessageVar, "FROM: $nameVar");

    That simple, wrote that just now...

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    Hiya many thanks that is greatly appreciated.
    Will give it a go now. :-)

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    Hi please excuse me for obviously being thick, but i cant get it to work.

    I have wrote it out in a text file and called it form.php and have used the get url action when clicking on the submit button. Which i use the POST variables.

    Any ideas what im doing wrong?

    Many thanks

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    No problem, but what you need to send to the form.php is this:


    There are two ways to do this;


    getURL("www.yourSite.com/form.php, "targetFrameOrWindow", "GET");


    getURL("www.yourSite.com/form.php?nameVar="+formVName+"&emailVar="+formVEma il+"&phoneVar="+formVPhone+"&company="+formVCompan y+"&messageVar="+formVMessage, "targetFrameOrWindow");

    Do you get it?

    If not don't be affraid to ask,

    "Ignorance is not bliss, it's a plague" -Cache

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