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Thread: Proposed antitrust exemtions for freelancers

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    possible antitrust exemptions for freelancers

    possible antitrust exemptions for freelancers.... is unionization at hand.

    Have yourselves a look.

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    Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk! Hey Moe... serpent star's Avatar
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    so what do you all think? Good/bad for the industry. What is your take?

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    What could possibly be bad about being given the ability to be fairly paid for our blood, sweat, and intellectual property? Being able to collectively set prices and not having to sign away all of the rights to our work can only lead to a brighter future for all freelance creatives.

    This effort should without question be given the full support of the design community.

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    collective bargaining is definitely a step in the right direction. however, i looked over the rest of the website (thanks, serpent star), and this quote from Rep. John Conyers, Jr. bugged me a bit.
    the bill amends the law to say that the theft of unpublished works also can be a criminal offense.
    i can see where he's coming from, trying to protect the little guy, but it opens a door to corporations and all sorts of hucksters. if a work is unpublished, what kind of proof do they need that it belongs to them, or that they created it before someone else? what's to stop them from, eg, some powerless creator coming up with the next hot superhero, only to have marvel comics challenge them with an 'unpublished work' that they've had sitting in their vault for years which is close enough to said powerless creator's creation to violate this new copyright law? i hope this example isn't too confusing, and let me know what you think of this point.

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