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Thread: Experts at making Flash Intros

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    Hi my name is Tom Madiara and i need to know if anyone is a expert at making flash intros. The reason why i need to know of anyone thats a expert at making flash intros is becuase im looking for a flash designer for my site FlashMonster.com to make the intros. You will be given a certain % of your total sales off your intros that you supply my company with. Trust me email me at HurleyInter@aol.com if you are and you wont regret it. Thanks alot,

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    I'm going to move this from here over to the boardroom.

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    Not that I'm up for this project, but perhaps others would be interested, if they knew who would be signing up the clients for these intros (are they already waiting for product??) and who would be sourcing/providing the materials used in fore-mentioned intros?

    Perhaps knowing this'll drum up extra interest, though 'percentage of sales' deals don't have the best reputation.

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    Seems very interesting, we specialise in Flash intros, Please visit http://www.dappermedia.com for examples.

    Please contact me if your interested.



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