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Thread: E-mail spam- question

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    I want to target a group of people- but I do not want to get in trouble for spamming. Everyday I get junk mail and at the bottom is the link to get me off there mailing list. Is there a format to use. What is the deal.

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    dont use the unsubscribe button!!!! this just verifies that your email address is working, and they will send more.

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    You should be targeting people that want your service, information etc... if you are worried about getting in trouble for spamming perhaps it is not the best idea to sent them the emails...


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    cough*contact me*cough

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    Hi i think the idea of just emailing all prospective clients is a v bad idea, if every web designer, graphic designer, illustrator emailed out it would be a nightmare

    if i get junk e mails they go straight in the bin, dont open it just bin it

    spend some money to make them stop and look, nice flyer, or mb a cd with some work on it or cd business card

    try to grab there attention, mb do something really clever


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    Check ouit the post on the CL abotu FK based spam. Someone did exactly what you proposed and some people got ticked.

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    Spam is getting out of hand..as are the zealots that pursue it as well. There are legitimate reasons for contacting businesses and clients...just watch the "cut and paste" form letter style..it can be received as SPAM in many people's minds.

    Legitimate email means you opted in at some point. Usually it is a double opt-in where a confirmation is sent.

    These...you should always be able to unsubscribe from with no fear.

    Our TemplateKit.com newsletter uses Microsoft bCentral's engine to automate it all. That way we have proof when someone gets on or off the list. We get plenty of angry requests for unsubscribes even when people HAVE opt'd in..mainly they just forget.

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