Born: Yes, it seems so - the evidence is overwhelming.

Location: Tipperary, Dublin (Ireland), Holland, but not simultaneously ( I'm working on that one )

Where did you get that highly imaginative flashkit title 'mgb'? It came to me in a dream after sniffing a bottle of ouzo through my left nostril.

Real name: Michael Gerard Barry.

Favourite cocktail: Frosty November morning air.

Favourite film(s): One flew over the cukoos nest, Down by law, The wrong trousers, Network, Delicatessen.

Least favourite film: The one with Whoopie Goldberg in it.

Most embarrasing moment: Flashkit is not an adult only site, so I'll have to skip that one...

Favourite website: You just gotta see it _____________

Passtimes: Caffein + books.

Favourite saying: 'Courage is grace under pressure' ~ Ernest Hemingway.

Worst accident: Falling off a rope 20 feet up in the air. Lost conciousness. There's still 2 hours missing from my life which I can't remember, but Julia Roberts swears I spent it with her and she wants me back.

Describe yourself in five words: Simple-minded, honest, dangerous, sociable, changeable, anti-social.

Why do you volunteer your time as a Moderator: I love yapping about stuff and solving problems.

Thoughts to advance the profession: Put all those Nutscrape Navigator ppl in Greenland and put a wire fence around it.

Blurb: We were wrong all the time...
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