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Thread: Fading in movie clips

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    Hi All,

    I am trying to get a movie clip to fade-in using ActionScript and _alpha levels. What I want it to do is once the clip has faded in, I want the movie to move to the next frame. I found that I have had to put a stop() action on the frame holding the fade_in movie clip in order for the movie to stop long enough to see the fade. But where do I put the gotoAndPlay (if that is the way to do it)? To make things a little harder, the frame I want the first one to go to also has a fade_in movie clip, which, ultimately, I will want to do the same thing with (if I can work it out the first time). Can anyone help?

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    its there somwhere:->Search

    hi dude,

    This is discussed in many threads already...so why a thread again just check those thread....i remember posting code for doing this...


    Just check the url, its the result for searching similar threads...you can search more.


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