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Thread: how to create a "replay movie" button or text

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    I am new to this and I wonder if there are any tutorials on how to create click to "replay movie" button or text.
    I have a simple movie that I don't want to loop endlessly but I want to add an option to replay.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.


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    That would be easy to do!

    1. Make your movie into a movie clip group and give it a name like Movie.
    2. Open up the "Movie" MCG by double clicking on it.
    3. In frame one, add a label and give it a name of START.
    4. Add your buttons, etc...
    5. In your Play / Re-Play buttons down state, add the following code.


    Now when they click on the button, it will goto the Movie MCG and then goto the label named START and play.


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    Angry I will tell you

    Hi the thing you want to know is,
    1.go to Window at the top with the line under the W
    2.Press on it and go down and click action and a bocks will apear
    3.Mack a button and dubbel click on it
    4.Mack a frame on the nummber for
    5.click on nummber 4 and go in to the actions
    6.Click on Actions and Movie Control
    7.Click on goto and then do wut you want it to do

    Freaky Flash Kid

    It mute not be right

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    Thanks Jon T.

    I'll give it a go... I really appreciate your help!


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    Not a problem, let me know if you have any problems.

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