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Thread: duplicating a movie clip round a circular path

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    Help needed to creating a duplicated movie clip that repeats round a circular path of a fixed radius:

    eg. 50 duplications of a movie clip stepped round a circlular path of 200px radius...

    Any suggestions?


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    A circle is 2*Math.PI; So, dividing it by 50 is the quantum arc.

    qAngle = Math.PI*2/50;
    radius = 200;
    x0 = 250;
    y0 = 200;
    for (var k = 0; k<50; k++) {
    	mc.duplicateMovieClip("mc"+k, k+100);
    	var clip = this["mc"+k];
    	clip._x = x0+radius*Math.cos(qAngle*k);
    	clip._y = y0+radius*Math.sin(qAngle*k);

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