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Thread: xml again

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    I know how to make a xml parser in flash . That's basically where my skill level off. Now the xml_socket, here is where my head explodes because I'm shoving my thumbs into my eyesockets.

    The ONLY book that details the xml socket is in Jessica Spiegels new FLash MX book (hot chick for an author, but by far the hardest damn book ever written for flash)

    I can create a chat room in XML, but a multiplayer(some refer to it as multiplex or other) environment is what I'm confused about.

    Here's my theory (basically what I plan to do for two days):

    I glanced over the crapload of codes in spiegel's book and I thought all the swf file did was first establish a connection with the server by opening a port above 1200 using xmlsocket. ok that's done. Now here's where I'm guessing should happen (the book only gives bland instuctions and does not satiate the any modicum of conceptual understanding)

    when the user logs on a new XML file is attached/appends to the main xml file. like say the user name becomes the element and any node under the username are properties of the user. Then the swf client simply parses through all that, extrapolates all the essential variables and compiles them in swf with simple for statements and duplicatemovieclip. But this theory is flawed. how can one user then effect another, thus defeating the purpose of multiplay.

    I could be way off about this.. HELP

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    For the book question -- Colin Moocks ActionScript the Definitive Guide details socket connections in detail.

    As for some help with sockets have a look at the Flash-XML FAQ:


    It has a couple of sections with info on the different types of socket connections.



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    good stuff

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