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Thread: streming sound over scenes

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    I am new at this but trying hard, have a site with
    several flash presentations, but large sound files
    the movies were made at 12 fps so if I stream the sound
    it speeads up the movie and skips frames.
    the movies have from 2 to 14 scenes.
    Tried making seperate movie for sounds but
    don,t quite understand how to make sound begin at
    start of movie or preload sufficiently.
    at the moment I am using event sound which must load
    completely before playing and causes major download time
    any help would be apreciated.

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    I have just posted about this question on anothers post ,,,
    eworldvision.com's --

    How big is your sound file ?

    The main problem here is that flash organizes scenes over a consectutive timeline , in the order that you have put them .

    Thus streaming sound may have problems , your idea for the movie clip having the sound in it sounds good . It just may be a case of making it work.

    Give me an idea of the file size , and what you are doing in your flash files , just where u r putting things and what u want to do with them .

    Luck and post again , it sounds like an intruiging problem.

    Toxic101 - http://www.toxic101.cjb.net

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    I agree with toxic, it's simple to use another .swf with your sound file in it to make it play across a scene, but not too easy to sync it if thats what you need to do. Really the only way to sync sound up is to have it streaming along the timeline, and have you graphics corespond to events in the sound - not an easy proposition especially when tuly 'streaming'. The only way to really get it sync'ed for lip movement etc is to ensure the whole thing has loaded and then have it play (preload)

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