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Thread: live stream

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    we want to stream live video through our flash site.
    if the goal is to broadcast the feed, one-way. is it necessary to have Communication Server MX?
    anyone know how this is done?
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    theres always windows media, realplayer and quicktime.

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    It is possible with all the options sks447 has mentioned, yet none of these work with flash. If you want it in flash, then yes you need fcs.

    Another alternative (much cheaper) is to use a simple jpeg refresh. There is a post here about setting it up, but the idea is that your camera captures an image every few seconds (or faster) and uploads it to the server. The flash movie loads the jpeg at a set interval, simulating a stream. A while back, I had built a little app that would let you add url's to images (webcam images) and would auto refresh them. You could watch multiple cams all at the same time, and had the ability to adjust the refresh rate. I haven't looked at it yet, but there is also a tutorial here:

    If you would like to see my cam setup (I believe it's the same idea as the tutorial) let me know and I'll post it up.


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    let me know,

    -what is ur server? (*nix or m$)?
    -want to do cheapest?
    -interested to try new solutions?
    -believe in opensource?
    -want to use mpeg4 compression while broadcasting?
    -want to do broadcast with IP multicasting?
    -what is max. bandwidth of the server ...

    so i can have good idea/solution for you ..

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    i'm not so sure you were addressing me, but in case you'd be interested in helping ME.....
    i'm curious to learn about all of the things you mentioned. the server we are using is very limited right now so i'm sure we will be purchasing more bandwidth soon.
    what we are really going for with our project is to be able to stream a mobile webcam.
    we are researching wireless dsl services.
    you seem to be super knowledgable, i'm excited to hear what you know on these topics.

    Thanks&Best Regards,

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