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Thread: I need help with masking dynamic text in Flash 5

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    I am making a part of a website where there is a whole lot of dynamically loaded text from a text file.

    There is an action on a layer in _root that calls the text assigned to the variable "content" in the text file "text.txt" to be loaded in a dynamic text box with the variable "content" in a movie clip called "text".

    The text loads up inside the text box in the mC. No problems there.

    The problem is when I try and only show some of the text in the text box. When I try and mask some of it, the whole lot disappears and nothing shows up.

    How can this be overcome?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Have you embeded the font in the textarea? Click the [...] button on the text options panel to do this.

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    I just have, tried it and it works!! Thanks SO much...

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