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Thread: Connecting to a database

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    The only tutorials I can find on Flash 5 and databases involve mySQL. Can you used Flash 5 to connect to Microsoft SQL databases? If so, can you point me to a tutorial?

    Also, does Flash connect directly to a db to do queries, or do I need to create txt files of the data and pull those txt files into my Flash file.

    Thanks in advance!

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    You should be able to connect flash with any database, you need some kind of server side scripting language to link between the database and flash (mySQL is commonly used with PHP a with a microsoft databse you're likely to use ASP) the process works by flash sending variables from the movie to an ASP script, this ASP script can maybe do some kind of processing and then insert data into the db. To retrieve data again you use the loadVariables action to call an ASP script this script can query the database to find the desired information and then send the variables to flash where they can be displayed.

    Hopefully this link will help http://www.asp101.com/articles/flash/index.asp

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