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Thread: Full Screen Video?

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    I have a client that wants to make a business card CD that has flash animation, full screen video, and interaction for clients to choose different options. Can all of this be done in Flash MX? I don't have much experience with Flash but I'm willing to learn what I have to.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Yes, you can do that in Flash, but there are issues to consider.
    Because of the way Flash works, when you have a SWF on CD, the Flash player loads the entire file into memory before it starts to play. So, depending on your computer's speed, ram, CD player speed, etc. your performance may vary. Consequently, we suggest not creating files larger than 20MB for use on a CD Rom. With a full screen video you can hit that mark very quickly. You can get around this limit by chaining your video swf's and loading them sequentially. Our software, Flix Pro, can do this for you automatically.
    Also, if you're going to make Mac projectors, you need to allocate enough RAM to your projector. When preparing a CD-ROM, the projector file needs to be allocated it's own size plus the biggest Flix file plus a couple of extra MB to be on the safe side. When the HFS volume is burnt onto CD it will inherit the memory settings you've specified.
    If you are looking for more information, there are many other posts on this forum regarding creating CDs (and cross platform CDs) using Flash MX.

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