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Thread: .html VS .swf

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    i can't remember if i've asked this before so ur getting it again

    What is it better to do if you have created a web site mostly in flash: -

    a) redirect the user to a .swf file that opens in the browser and using allowscale:true so that the movie always fills to the edges

    b) use an html page with the movie embedded and some javascript attached to redirect them to the right sized window

    If you decide to take choice a) you are stuck with never being able to use any html and updating/making changes takes longer, on top of this whenever the user messes about with the screen dimensions (i.e. starts squashing and stretching it) all the stuff you left around the sides of the stage while you were making it becomes visible, it then looks unprofessional.

    If you chose b) then you have to mess about with the movie properties trying to find the exact height and width of the active part of the browser window (btw i've found this to be about 770.5 * 450 for an 800*600 resolution) so that your movie doesn't go off the edges. you then have to create a new movie for every concievable resolution.

    There is the alternative: -
    c) making it full screen
    the problem is people get a bit touchy about having that status bar at the bottom of the screen.

    let me know what you would do
    *this thread was entirely created to draw attention away from that whole neopets post about 20 minutes ago

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    hi dude


    Flash is far away from the capabilities of HTML and javascript....ofcourse flash needs HTML.

    First, With flash you need not worry for the update of the sites because you can load the data from external sources like text file, XML, Database.....many more options for providing a dynamic site. With this there is no need for a technical guy for any updates of the site....the no-vice person can change the contents of the site.

    Secondly Flash is far flexible on screen sizing.Flash is based on vector imaging which can be scaled to any limits for clean result....you can detect the size of the screen resolution and changes the size of the flash accordingly which addresses your problem of screen sizes.

    Third option of full screen is that its not mandatory for everyone to use the full screen for flash based sites....it can be provided as an option for the ease of the customer. Take ultrashock as an example.....

    Moreover your client side coding is much more protected if flash is used than HTML and javascript which every user can simply see through view source option.This facilitates you in creating eCommerce kind of sites with little more safety.

    hope that sounds goooooood


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