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Thread: Newbie ASP help please!

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    Hi all

    Will this ASP command work if I use it as a
    value for the Get URL action
    "benefitstobuyers2.asp?s=<%RESPONSE.WRITE (Server.URLEncode(ID))%>"

    Thanks in advance


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    Well, I'll answer in this way:

    You want the Flash to go to a page where the link is updated by an asp file?
    First, that won't work, because Flash can't get something from a GetURL.
    But what you can do is this:
    Get Flash5, and make a Dynamic textbox that has HTML.
    Use Load Variables to load from the .asp the link.
    Then send it to Flash like this:

    <a href="the_link.html">Go To...</a>

    Send it to the Dynamic HTML trxtbox, and it'll be a link...

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