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Thread: is it possible to load gif dynamicly ??

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    is it possible to load gif dynamicly using loadMovie command ??

    ... i c ant manage to do it !!

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    ...yes you can

    Hi, you can load an image dinamicly (gif, jpg...). One way to do it is to create an empty moviclip. And then you can load the image into the moviclip. Imagine you want to load the image when you press a button.

    loadMovie("myphoto.jpg", "_root.myemptymoviclip");

    Either the image is in the same directory or you have to specify the whole path. The second parameter is the name of the instance of the empty created moviclip.

    Hope it helps...

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    hi you can but

    hi dude,

    you can do that but remember only specific file formats can be loaded at runtime.....progressive jpegs are not loaded at runtime...so don't give any streaming properties for the images to load in flash dynamically.

    good luck

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