i have a very strange problem. i have a dynamic textfield with the "render text as html" option enabled. the actionscript goes:
mytextfield="<B>This text is bold</B>" + newline + "This
text is normal";

the textfield is nested inside several movie clips. my entire flash movie has many elements and other textfields.

i mention this because in my big movie i do not see the bold text if the option "embed font outline" is enabled for "all characters"; and i just don't see anything at all if the option "embed font outlines" is selected to "no characters".

BUT if i create a new blank FLA file which ONLY contains the same movie clips that nest the dynamic textfield that i have in my big flash movie, it WORKS and i see the bold text and normal text !!!!!! (with "embed font outline" selected to "no characters").
Conclusion: there MUST be something in my Flash movie that is interfering, but what can it be ?

Does anybody have an idea?
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