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Thread: Fire Wheels - My first attempt at a racing game

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    Hey this is my first attempt at a racing game... What do you think?
    Game-> http://www.1matthew.com/flash/racesummer.swf
    Files-> http://www.1matthew.com/flash/racesummer.zip

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    its looking nice. maybe add a bit more skid when turning on a fast tight corner, and perhaps add a collision between the two cars-- just some ideas for some more interaction. It looks good so far though. Keep it up.

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    I agree! A lot better since i last saw this.

    A few things to point out though

    On track 3 you can start before you should (but when it does start it resets you to the beginning anyway)

    At really low speeds it looks like you are stopped but you still slowly drift along the floor, and can turn car, this looks a bit odd. Make the speed 0 when it reaches very low value?

    And arn't the reverse controls backwards (Not that you need it that often in this kind of racing)

    Oh, and one last thing (sorry to seem to be nitpicking, but you asked for feedback!) the controls are too close to have a proper 2 player game, would it not be better to move player 2's controls to the other side of keyboard, wasd for example, where there;s more room?

    Very smooth though, looks like this will be a great game, keep at it!

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    not bad, but the controls feel really loose and hard to use - try slowing down your acceleration etc, maybe making the turning based on how fast you are going.

    other than that, a little bit better grass texture (maybe just solid green w/ some spread out pixely blades of grass) to make it look nicer, otherwise it has some potential

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    Dare to Dream
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    That's pretty cool. You gonna add collison on the two cars too?

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