couple questions: I am making a game kinda like (old 2D slide show) myst

because i fear the looping effect when the movie time limit of
2 minutes runs out I am putting each (slide show like) pic on
a separate web page. I am not really sure how to control the time limits, is there a tutorial on this?

I built a pictorial frame (think etch a sketch) that is around each pic to make it a little nicer and control things like "look at the map",etc. I have about a thousand pics to put in the viewer and some to translate from old pics i have used.

1. Is there a way to get around time limit on the movies?
(ie. i would build the areas to explore as modules, say a house module where there are 2o pics of things in the house,
i dont want to have the player exploring and then suddenly the movie loops to the start and he only sees the front door again, or it closes and all the links die or something.

2. Is there a way to make the movie size you specify at the
start larger/smaller resolution if you change your mind later?
(without calling child movies)

you need high speed and high res for the first two. (I am gonna zip them together as area modules for download)

Kinda how i want to see it:
My default no visual frame or controls:

The original working version: