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Thread: [Resolved] PROJECTOR + EMAIL ?

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    i would like to make a button in my flash projector so that the user can click on it and have an email window open (with his default mailer) .. like the mailto: in flash swf's .. however this dosnt seem to work from an .exe .. is there a way arround this?

    please let me know!


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    Hi, you can do this from a standard Flash Projector using the following script:

    getURL("mailto:yourname@youremail.com?subject=My Subject");

    My Product is Flash Studio, and it will allow you to fully customize your projector (icon, border, right click, etc) and also give you over 55 new fscoomands including connecting to an offline database, relatime socket connection, save to file - far too many features to list here! It's completely FREE for personal use and you can download a copy from http://www.multidmedia.com - using my product the same command would simply be:

    fscommand("flashstudio.exec", "\"mailto:yourname@youremail.com?subject=My Subject\"");

    You may also wish to check out a product called swf studio which, if I remeber correctly, allows the user to send emails without having a mail client installed on their system. http://www.northcode.com

    This is also a feature that will be available in Flash Studio soon, which should be available in the next few days.

    I hope you find both products useful.

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    Hi, thanks for the reply!
    but I'm affraid

    on (press) {
    getURL("mailto:celsius@thecelsius.ch?subject=test" );

    does absolutely nothing

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    getURL is not stable in projector especially in Win 2K / XP

    to ensure you can open a email client, you have to use external tools to help.

    If you use Flash 5, you can use the complete free LPRunIt which can be find in our site download part.

    If you use MX, you can try LPFlashEx which can do the task plus much more. It is free for self use and the standard version only cost US$20 to register to got the 40+ added functions.

    Simple Samples :

    http://www.lpflashex.com/dl/SimpleSamples.zip (58KB)

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    Thanks, this simplesample works great!

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    You can also use

    JTool - JEmail which is FREE !!


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