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Thread: who keeps the source files? you or client?

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    In the event that a client would want to part ways, and wanted to take the source files of their website with them- what's the common practice?

    If it isn't noted as copywritten, does that mean it's open?

    I have a client who wants to switch from another to me and part of their site is php, and there's a flash bit in there as well.

    Do I have any right to request the .fla for editing, should the php code be given to the client as well by the current hosting company (whom also developed the php) ?

    If it were me who was being asked to hand over the .fla file, I would be hesitant to do so. But php is code, does that make any difference?

    thanks all,

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    i keep it...unless in the contract it is specified that the client gets the fla which in turn i charge extra and present it to them on CD-ROM

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    Well, I usually just keep a copy of the sites to host on my site to show off or keep as a reminder or sample.

    My Advice: Keep a copy of everything you design

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    never, ever give away your source files, unless your contract makes it part of the deal.

    I make them pay 18 times the charged fee to get my source files... I don't like them to have my source files, unless they really want to pay for them.

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    Yup, same here...
    I dont give aways fla's or even psd's unless the clients pays extra for them. Even tough, here in mexico its not very common because not many people uses Flash

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    i know some companies that charge 175% more for source files. Definitely add a premium to any contract that includes source.

    I did a redesign job for a company that had a flash site bodged by another designer, after much haranguing he eventually turned over all the original flash files as swish files.

    other people import the SWF into a blank FLA, so you get just a long line of keyframes.

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    Moast of the time i'd give it for free, cauze the site is also free, but me also saves it for him selve!

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    most of my experience has been working for companies in which cases they've kept all of the source files. usually I do keep a copy for my portfolio or to show prospective employers.

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    Originally posted by vampstko
    i keep it...unless in the contract it is specified that the client gets the fla which in turn i charge extra and present it to them on CD-ROM
    Same here

    btw , xtentic ... please change your Sig ... the Image size is by no means 300/40 Hello ,Mods !!!

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