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    this is slightly off topic, being a Flash board and all, but it's the most relevant i could find...

    just wondering, what exactly is the point of Dreamweaver (the program). I know that flash can be used to make whole websites, and as a result, isn't dreamweaver useless? i don't really know much about what it does, but could someone fill me in?
    also, if it's actually good, is it crucial to make a good site, or can flash be used effectively on it's own? i only make sites for fun/friends, not professionally.


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    I have been using DreamWeaver/FireWorks Studio 4.0 for close to 2 years now, personally and professionally. I find it to be extremely user friendly and more than enough design power for my needs. Yes, you can create an entire site using nothing but Flash. Flash is really cool for tidbits (i.e. Enter/Welcome Pages), but might be too heavy for those poor souls still dialing in through AOHell.

    Flash is something that I would recommend only for the Flash Masters. For a very solid all around web design tool, DreamWeaver is fantastic.

    Hope this helps

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    Flash and Dreamweaver are two very different tools that do different things. Flash can generate an html page for the movie to reside in but that is about it. With Dreamweaver you can quickly code CSS, HTML, Javascript, take care of Site management, and with MX build database driven applications with PHP ASP Coldfusion blah blah blah...Don't get me wrong I love Flash and it is very powerful and does other things Dreamweaver can’t. So you need both.

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    its simple

    hi buddy,

    There are cars, bikes, planes, trains, ships,....and many things to travel from one place to the other. We choose them based on criterias like cost, effectiveness,.....same way you can build a site using flash, dreamweaver, fireworks,...based on your needs. There is nothing like Flash is the best for website building neither other tools. Its all based on the needs we choose the technology...to present the content.


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